A Place Called Armageddon: Constantinople 1453 - C.C. Humphreys

This book was so historically rich it was like reading a very entertaining text book. It’s nice to read both sides of the battle even though the main character is a Greek man named Gregoras. It switches back and forth between the point of views of various characters from both sides - my personal favorites would be Leilah and Achmed.

Although it might seem there’s a lot of characters it does focus on a select few so it’s easily memorable. There’s various story arcs to follow, but what I liked about the book is they all somewhat tie in together and bring the characters together into one seamless plot. It’s almost like an intricately woven fabric that tells a rich detailed story. The historical accuracy is pretty good (from what I know of this particular period) and the end authors note was very interesting and helpful.

What I enjoyed was the ending, all the characters stories were all tied together and some of their outcomes were unexpected and a complete surprise to me. My favorite ending was what happened to Achmed. That was completely unexpected but a wonderful ending to his story. Some characters are memorable and you get attached to them, others aren’t very nice and get a well deserved ending. (Take that Theon! yeah!)

The battle scenes are well done and can be easily pictured. There are some various terms that I was not familiar with but there is a helpful glossary at the back of the book. They’re well written, and very detailed (so yes, there’s a lot of blood) but not to the point where it’s overly ridiculous. You can certainly ‘feel’ what the Greek side was feeling. They certainly did put up a fight and you felt for them.

Definitely recommended for historical fiction lovers (those love reading a good battle, or two. Or three). It’s worth the read, with rich interesting characters, with a fantastic setting.