Carnage Road - Gregory Lamberson
This was a quick read (more or less 100 pages) but it was a good one. It’s almost like a very dark violent version of The Walking Dead. There’s plenty of blood and gore, and it’s brutal. Much more brutal, it makes the zombie books I’ve read in the past seem like ‘zombie fluff’. That being said, I really enjoyed reading this. Boone and Walker are a classic friendship duo. Walker seems to be the more serious one of the two but their banter is fun to read - typical language and thinking you’d see in a motorcycle gang. (So, no. No swoon worthy guys here. But that’s the least of your worries when the zombies are coming, isn’t it?). They’re likable and made the book interesting and enjoyable. I’d also have to say, it’s pretty realistic as well. It paints a grisly but possibly realistic picture as to what would happen in a situation like this. There were some parts where other people were just as dangerous (even more so) than the zombies themselves. The Hollywood part was fun to read though it made me giggle. Just a bit. :D I’m not sure what to think of the ending. In one sense I liked it because it’s realistic, it’s what I expected but, there was this small little voice inside of me wanting to crave more and was sad at the outcome. So I could go both ways on this. Nevertheless I really did enjoy this novella and I urge everyone who likes zombie lit to pick this one up. It’s a quick read and can be finished in a day.