The Rose of Winslow Street - Elizabeth Camden
What I loved most about this novel, was the characters in them. The plot was good, but it’s really the characters that made the book twice as enjoyable to read. Libby is a great character with an awful secret - although I thought it was most definitely a secret problem that can be fixed, so I’m not sure why it wasn’t encouraged for her to try to solve this issue. Perhaps because she’s tried so hard to do so with results, she just gave up - what surprised me was I really thought Michael would do something about it, but he didn’t. (This whole thing will make sense once you read the book). I thought Libby and Michael were such a wonderful couple! from the start they had a little spark and it eventually grew to something more but it was just so nice to read them both. Some of the things Michael says to Libbey throughout the book were so nice I had to sit back and reread them again. They were most definitely very memorable quotes. My favorite scene, had to be when they were stranded in the rain. The plot was really good and interesting. I was very glad of Mirela’s outcome because of her past story. What got me all riled up was Regina. Oh argh. She got me so mad and I can’t believe she did what she did. (Which just goes to show you how involved in the plot I was while reading this book). I also liked the perfume parts of the book. That was interesting and didn’t think someone like Michael would be into that sort of thing. It’s definitely something you don’t see in most novels out there. Definitely recommended for those who want a light romantic read. The romance was brilliant, the plot very nice and interesting to follow, most importantly it had very memorable characters that made the book absolutely fantastic.