Lies: The Gripping Psychological Thriller That Will Take Your Breath Away - T.M. Logan

This one was a complete page turner for me! I enjoyed every bit of it and the large twist at the end was superb.


It already starts off with you questioning with what’s going on in the very first few chapters. Things don’t start to add up but you try to find the gaps and holes to try and figure it out like Joe was trying to do. You’re rooting for him all throughout the novel and you feel for him because what he goes through is enough to make someone snap.


The plot is full of guesswork and twists here and there. You think Joe is close to finding out only to realize he’s close but he’s missing things that don’t quite fit the picture. It’s a fast moving plot with Joe snowballing into worse possible scenarios you could think of. Just when you think you had it figured out, and who it was behind everything, the twist at the end puts a different spin on things and you’re left wide eyed. It was very well done!


Joe is definitely someone you cheer for in the story, he’s likable albeit some of his choices are a bit on the foolish side (perhaps impulsive might be the more appropriate term here) but without his drive to find answers the book definitely wouldn’t have its’ readability. Sometimes when you have nothing to lose, you just go for it regardless of the consequences.


Definitely would recommend to thriller readers. It’s a very fast read with an intriguing plot. It will keep you guessing and just when you have the answer it’s not what you think. It’s a beautifully done surprise.