The Other Woman - Sandie Jones

Holy. Mother. (yup I said it)


The moment I get into the first third of the book I had to keep going. I had to finish this book and see what will happen next. It was one thing after another and you were just waiting for who was going to snap first.


There’s a lot of tension and the mood is high strung. It’s like as if you’re near someone sensitive and you’re walking on eggshells. It’s that tense. The plot is quick and fast as you watch Emily put up with Pammie and her behavior. You feel angry towards Adam who seems to be a spineless dolt and just bows to Pammie’s whims little do you know there’s a bomb ready to drop at the very end and you just weren’t ready when it happens. It’s extremely well written and the revelation at the end is also well done. When it is revealed, you start to realize everything falls into place. It’s certainly an eye opener.


Character wise, I found it hard to like any of them. Pammie, well she’s not your favorite mother in law now is she? Adam isn’t any better. Emily would be 50/50 as there were times when I was rooting for her when she finally stuck up for herself. Then the cheering would be short lived because she’s reverts back to her needy whiny persona and she let’s Pammie and Adam walk all over her. She snaps but then cowers back later. It’s frustrating. I can’t stand James because of his behavior and what he tried to do. Okay, granted it was meant as a warning, but it’s a really strange messed up way of doing so. Emily behaves like this lovesick mooncalf around him it gets annoying. If you really wanted to be with him, you can always dump Adam. Stop mooning over James like he’s Adonis when you don’t have the galls to drop Adam like a hat. (He deserves it too, by the way)


Despite the character though, the book is still an enjoyable read as the plot gets better and better with each chapter read. What you think is obvious, isn’t and there’s a reason why everything was done. Now granted, it’s a very messed up way of doing so. But it still makes for great reading.


Greatly recommended. Certainly going to be one of my favorite reads of 2018.


PS: Every woman needs friends like Seb and Pippa.