Murder Has a Sweet Tooth - Miranda Bliss
This was a fun read!! I really liked the idea of a cooking class with two very hilarious funny ladies featured. Naturally, the reader knows where this is going, especially when you find out what kind of a sidekick Eve is. Annie is a fun to read character, she’s come out of a divorce and she’s a disastrous cook. She has her own kind of natural charm, and I like how she is the opposite of what Eve is (sexy, a little on the airhead side, filled with plastic surgeries and possibly lipos). However Eve’s got her charm too - even though I found her at times a little too annoying and airheaded. It does provide for a lot of the comedy though, although I think her stupidity sometimes rubs off on Annie too. The suspect list for this one wasn’t so large, which isn’t so bad. You aren’t really kept guessing as to who the culprit is. The case itself was not the best, and not the most exciting, but I think how Eve and Annie investigate really makes up for this as they’re always bound for disaster and it’s quite entertaining to read. The ending for this case wasn’t the best I’ve read. But nevertheless I thought it was all right. I do feel happy for Annie at the end, though. The recipes in the back are worth a try, and they do look really good (have not tried it myself). However I’m willing to go for the next book only to be entertained with their antics and to see which disaster they’ll meet up with next! Fans of cozy mysteries will like this one, it’s a light right and easy to breeze through.