Queen of the Dead - Ty Drago

It’s recommended you read the first book (Rise of the Corpses) before you jump into this one. You’ll understand things more and there are a lot of references from the previous book in this one as well. (Besides, it was a great book to read! why not try it?)

This book was just as good as the first one, there’s a lot of action and moments of close calls. It’s very fast paced and one can easily fly through this novel in a matter of days (or day?). The plot itself was really good. The Queen makes a perfect villain (she’s quite a nasty creature) but the questions you might have had in the previous book are still prevalent in this one. They’re still not answered. Yet.

Characters in this book are still good. Will’s character develops well. Dave gets a bigger part and plays a bigger role (which is fine, he turned out to be quite the likable character). You do get a little frustrated with Helene and Will. (There’s a part where Dave says: “just get it over with!” and you just felt like yelling out: “Yeah!” in response to that).

The ending of the book was great and I suppose the right word for it would be dramatic. So dramatic it could actually be an ending to a movie. Still, it was good and it’ll leave you wanting to know more. Definitely recommended for younger readers. Zombie lovers (well, they’re not really zombies..sort of zombie body snatchers?) would also love this. Can’t wait for the third one!