The Vampire Stalker - Allison van Diepen

If you ever want a quick entertaining read, look no further. This one is it. This can be finished in a day - because it’s just so entertaining and you want to keep reading until you’re done. I loved how you could almost compare Amy and her friends to the Twilight fans out there, they’re all huge fans of a popular series of vampire novels that’s featured in the book (sounds familiar doesn’t it?)

The thing that was most interesting is the characters Amy reads exist. Now who wouldn’t like to read that??? (imagine if your favorite characters existed?? that would be so cool!) the plot itself as a whole was fun to read and extremely entertaining. It’s filled with humor and memorable characters - Alexander is extremely crushworthy indeed! there’s a nice blend of paranormal/urban fantasy elements, and also bits of romance here and there as well.  It was extremely fast paced with one event happening after another, this is certainly a very quick read.

There was just one thing that didn’t sit too well with me. Some characters just made their appearance and just left and you’re left wondering what happened to them? although this is probably going to explained in a possible sequel (I REALLY HOPE there’s going to be one!) it would have been nice to know just what happened to them and where they were headed. Otherwise, besides that, this book was fun to read.

Most definitely recommended for YA readers. The ending is pretty much open and I’m sure there’s going to be a sequel, and I hope it comes SOON!