Three Days to Dead (Audiobook Unabridged) - Kelly Meding,   Xe Sands, Kelly Meding
**Spoiler Alert! You’ve been warned*** Oh, it doesn’t get any easier for Vlad does it? Again, this book was a great read like the last two. It carries on from the previous book (reading them in order is greatly recommended) and Vlad is always ever developing. The plot this time was just as good, and it kept the page turning. I notice Brewer’s writing just keeps getting better and better with each passing book. I was scared for Henry and Vlad when Henry had that little moment where he wanted out of his drudge role. Although it’s understandable, I had to be a little irked at first because of the way Henry was trying to get out of the friendship. WTF Henry, ignoring Vlad just like that is..not cool. Not to mention out of character (never thought Henry was a prissy type to do such a thing, I thought he was the all around popular nice guy) and, well I’d have to say it’s petty. But, when everything just came out into the open I was glad Henry wised up and just let Vlad know how he felt. The ending nearly had me pulling my hair. I can’t BELIEVE Vlad did that to Meredith. Despite her fondness for the color pink, and how she oozes of bubblegum candy goodness, I was ready to accept her and Vlad together. But noooooo. Vlad just turns that upside down - although it was well intended, the way he went about it was not cool. More plot development, and much more to look forward to, fans of Vlad Tod are going to love this book. Those who haven’t started, get to it now. They’re excellent so far.