Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story - Adam Rex
I started to like this book a lot, it was hilariously funny and puts a whole new twist to the vampire theme. However there were just some parts of the book that did not sit well with me and the book suddenly became something that I did not expect. Perhaps it was the author’s intention. Perhaps not. At first I thought Doug was comical. He was certainly someone you could either relate to (as being a social outcast in the school class system) or someone you made fun of (oh come on, I’m sure there are times you DID laugh at them for some reason or another don’t be so high and mighty thinking you didn’t). Then as the book progresses, you realize some of the reasons why Doug isn’t well liked. Turns out, Doug is...a jerk. His comments towards minorities and other groups aren’t that funny at all and it may offend some readers. His treatment of Jay is also why he’s a jerk. For a best friend, Jay tends to take a lot in, and although he may seem like a loyal sidekick, Doug treats him like dirt and likes to openly make fun of him in front of other friends to make himself look better. As the book progresses, at first, Doug may seem all right, but then as you turn the pages, you see more of his true colors show, and they’re not what they seem. He turns out to be not very likable at all. The plot in itself is pretty good. At first. Then it just flatlines throughout the second half of the story. I’m not sure why there was such a big mystery behind Sejal and her case of ‘The Google’. I don’t know why the explanation of it took such a long time to be revealed. In fact that rather annoyed me because she kept on mentioning it and I’m asking each time; ‘WTF is that?!’ when it was revealed I almost just about gave up trying to figure it out. Werewolves, and vampire hunters are then added into the plot, but none of that really makes it stand out or makes the plot move forward. A lot of the time I felt some things were definitely rushed and some characters just disappear. Then the ending has somewhat of a Donnie Darko flavor to it and this is where I wonder if I really liked the book, or I didn’t. It was, all right I suppose. It had a great potential to be an excellent book, but then the plot stops, characters disappear, and you’re left with a rather mediocre read. Yes, Doug is a jerk and that may turn some readers off from this book but I was more concerned with the plot itself. There were just too many loose ends to let me fully enjoy the story.