7 Scorpions: Rebellion - Mike Saxton
There was so much action packed into this book, it really did feel as if you were watching a movie instead of reading. It started nearly in the first few pages of the book, and it continued all the way until the end. It was purely awesome to read. Two characters really stood out for me. Vincent and Lexi. Lexi’s real awesome. She’s not the typical damsel in distress and her present ‘medical condition’ (for lack of a better term) is different, but makes sense in this plot. Oh I liked reading about her. Her lack of fear makes her reckless and straight in your face type of attitude, it’s fun to read and her straight forwardness sometimes shocks other characters (it’s fun when she makes them uncomfortable). Vincent is the complete opposite (somewhat) but he makes a pretty good hero. He’s modest and shies away from leadership (which is somehow dumped on him anyway). However he kicks serious butt. He reminds me a lot of David Valentine from the Vampire Earth series except more enhanced and super powered. The plot overall was a good read. It was straight forward and carried through pretty quick. There are quite a few characters in the book, but I noticed they were grouped together so it wasn’t too hard to figure out who was who. There was one particular character that did a complete 360 personality change which was completely unexpected to me - although this was good as I enjoy being blindsided by these sorts of things. It keeps me more interested in the plot. Several things I thought could have improved, there last third of the book sort of slows down - understandably so, because they’re preparing for another battle. Yet I can’t help but think it could have been several chapters shorter, it did drag a little. Another thing, one of the characters just drops out of the book. Entirely. The reader is unaware of what happens to him, as he drops out of it midway in the book. I actually forgot all about him until it dawned on me after finishing it. I’m sure - hopefully this will be explained in the books following although just to drop him entirely midway in the novel was a little odd. Other than those few things, I greatly enjoyed reading this book. I believe there’s two more after this one, so I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next. It’s got a great ending, and leaves a lot of room for more to come!