Once in a Full Moon - Ellen Schreiber
Ok. I admit, there is a flaw of having a couple instantly just fall in love with each other and thinking they’re going to be together forever. Without properly knowing each other, it seems far fetched and even silly but I couldn’t help but love Brandon and Celeste being together. They had that chemistry between them. You certainly didn’t feel the same way when Celeste is with Nash. However that being said, I’m biased as I’m a sucker for hockey boys and Brandon happens to be one. I liked that a lot because you do get tired of reading the same kind of guy who plays basketball and football. Hockey was a nice change to see. The plot was not that bad, but it wasn’t the best either. It provided a good entertaining read and I was able to read the book in one sitting (it was short in length too). I would say, it’s not the kind of book to deeply mull over rather, it’s really one to read to pass the time, or for avid voracious readers, it’s a book you read ‘in between’ heavy reads. I rather enjoyed it despite a few flaws here and there, but the cliffhanger at the end got me so I will be looking forward to the next book. The characters aren’t really that special. Celeste’s friends are rather empty headed typical popular girls you see in nearly every YA book there is. Celeste isn’t that bad herself as she’s different from the in-crowd. I am not a fan of Nash as he’s a typical egotistical jock and he was not the greatest boyfriend to Celeste anyways. I did feel bad for him though, because he was in his own little world and oblivious to Celeste and her feelings. I really did like Brandon (however as mentioned before, that’s a biased opinion). This is a short read, and the ending of this book does leave everything out in the open, it may not be the best read, but I thought it was entertaining enough to make it one of those ‘light reads’. I don’t think this is for those that are wanting something deeper and with more development. You won’t really find it here. Otherwise, do pick this up if you’re wanting something light before you jump into something heavier.