Across the Universe - Beth Revis
First, all I have to say is, WOW. This was such an excellent book that I had to read this without interruptions or I’d get angry. I LOVED this book! I do admit, I was skeptical at first. I was concerned because there might be scientific jargon, and that it would be difficult to understand but it wasn’t! and there was no hard to read science lingo here either! everything was well described and in clear detail. I absolutely loved the concept of living on a ship, and the dynamics on how people related to one another, and how they survive and live together. The history of the ship and its’ people is also interesting to read up on. The actual description of the ship itself was fun to read, it made me think of Star Trek immediately. Since this is mostly coming from Amy’s point of view some of the things she encounters are strange and rather disturbing. There is a dark ugly side to how this ship is run and once everything is laid out in the open (you’ll be blindsided a couple of times), there’s a great amount of uncertainty but leaves the book with such a great ending and you’ll be left wanting more! The mystery behind who wanted to kill her was also well thought out. There is a bit of a guessing game involved - but not much and although the mystery is the main theme of the book, there’s other things to focus on such as how Amy’s character develops throughout the novel as she tries to adjust to this kind of living. The characters in the book are also really well written. I did take a liking to Harley. Amy and Elder on the other hand, are interesting enough to read - especially Amy as she has lots to worry about. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel! It’s a perfect science fiction read for the younger adult age bracket. Not too much scientific lingo to confuse the reader, just enough to make it a good wholesome setting that can be easily pictured. The plot is fantastic and well worth the read, and the surprises go off like bombs when they’re revealed. I definitely think this is worth the time to go through.