Choker - Elizabeth Woods
The book started out all right. I hated what the other girls did to Cara. They were awful and despicable. So, I did sympathize with her. For a while. Then she just got to me. She just seemed so, weak and a pushover at times. You couldn’t help but get frustrated at her sometimes. When Zoe comes in, she does take an interesting personality change and Zoe is partly responsible for that. However, as the plot wore on, I rather guessed what was going on, and the underlying secret. I am not sure if the big secret was obvious to other readers who have read this book, but I did figure it out when Zoe starts to have a more prominent place in the story. Although it started off rather interesting, I could not help but lose interest. It was predictable, and Cara as a character just did improve and I stopped liking her. I felt sorry for her, but she didn’t make herself likable at all. It came to the point where you can’t feel sorry for her anymore she just became so...pathetic. She did manage to grow a spine, but it would shrink rapidly as well. Another thing I did not take kindly to was the animal cruelty mentioned in the book. It was horrible to read and to me, unnecessary. It was already evident that Zoe and Cara aren’t really all “there” so I don’t see why there had to be any mentioning of any animals being killed. The ending, well it was predictable, therefore it wasn’t that exciting or a complete revelation to read. I thought there could have been more to the book. It’s not a book I would recommend, I would say take it or leave it. I’ve read much better than this. It’s predictable, and by the time you finished the book you find it lacking in something, perhaps a new twist should have been brought in, or something that would have brought the plot to a more interesting level.