Bumped - Megan McCafferty
I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. For sure, I wasn’t expecting something that had humor in it. In a way, I suppose you could call it a dystopia, but with comedy mixed into the book. It’s an interesting world, where teen girls are prized and are a valuable commodity. Despite the humor in it though, there are also serious consequences in this society. This is mostly seen through Melody’s eyes. Although under substantial pressure to conceive a child, she also wants to live the life of a normal teenager. Zen is seen as an outlet for that and he provides important support for Melody to cope with this confusion, and eventually, she realizes what she really wants to do with her life. The introduction of Harmony adds more complication with the story, but also gives an interesting dimension to it. Although she’s raised in a very strict religious upbringing, it didn’t seem to suit her, and it’s only when she’s out of it that she comes out of her shell. Her actions even surprise herself, but she also learns a lot on the way as well. The plot overall was good, although a little slow to start. We’re not quite sure what’s about to happen, but through the second half of the book it does pick up the pace and gets more interesting as the book progresses. Character development is really good, especially on Melody and Harmony. I preferred reading about Melody, and I thought it was more of an eye opener. The ending does leave it open to a sequel, and I am interested on how this story develops. Despite the slow pace in the beginning, I say stick with it as the latter half gets much more interesting. It’s an interesting world, one with a good amount of humor to keep the reader entertained. Although it does have a lot of dystopia characteristics, the humor in this book gives the setting a whole different side. It’s certainly refreshing and different to see. Do give this book a try, it’s certainly worth a look see.