The Dark Divine  - Bree Despain
I liked this book, it’s different, although a little slow moving. The plot does move slowly and gradually takes the reader along for the ride. Which is not too bad sometimes. I did like the writing style of the book. It is in some parts, a bit description heavy but I liked it because it gave the setting a rich detailed picture and gave the story more substance. The actual plot and the origins of Daniel is one of the most interesting I’ve read. Yes, these types of paranormal monsters are overdone, but the origins behind Daniel and his history is definitely different and worth reading about - plus it got me reading into that kind of mythology. I have not come across something like this so far, so reading about this is definitely something refreshing and new. There is a bit of budding chemistry between Daniel and Grace. It’s there but not quite as passionate or exciting as some of the other YA couples I have read in the past. Daniel does have a certain charm to him as a brooding bad boy and Grace being your typical smart good girl is a typical cliche romance and while yes, it’s been done before it’s not so overdone as their relationship starts to grow slowly - so it gives it a realistic feel to it. (No, they don’t fall in love overnight and declare their undying love a la Romeo and Juliet) (Which is good!) Grace as a character and main heroine is ok...I did not have much of an opinion of her. She does not really stand out as some of the other main girls I’ve read in the past but she’s certainly readable, it’s just she does not stand out as much from the rest of them. Jude on the other hand got me really angry, he was a selfish twit and when it’s all revealed in the end the urge to stomp on his face was pretty strong. Oh and Pete. Wow you’re a jerk. A pretty handsome charming one, but still a jerk - which makes you ugly all of a sudden. I’ll be picking up the next one because it’s got me all so curious about what’s going to happen next. This book is meant to be read slowly and to take things in slowly it’s worth a read through as although there are some things that are the same in every YA paranormal you see, there are some vast differences which puts this from the rest of the pack.