Wayne of Gotham - Tracy Hickman

This is my first Batman novel (read some graphic ones.) I was a bit hesitant at first as novels like these are usually mediocre and not really that great. I decided to give it a try anyway because I like Tracy Hickman’s work.

I thought it was a pretty good and decent read. I liked how the narrative changed from Thomas’ point of view, then back to Bruce. The mystery involved in the book was good enough to keep me interested. I liked how the story focused on Thomas and Martha Wayne before they got married (Martha seems to have gone wild child! haha!)

There’s also a mystery surrounding Alfred and I thought that was a really good read. It certainly did deepen the mystery further. The relationship between Bruce and Alfred isn’t what I expected. It’s strained, and cool (yet there are reasons why they’re acting like this).

The plot of this book was pretty good. It’s a bit hard to follow as there’s quite a bit of characters to keep track of, but the action scenes are well written and my two favorite villains, Joker and Harley Quinn make an appearance (which was fun reading). The two story arcs of Thomas and Bruce do have a nice way of having it all tie together at the end, and the ending was a great finish.

It’s worth the time to read, the plot was well written, lots of characters (most of whom Batman fans will recognize), and a nice blend of action and mystery make this book enjoyable.