The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe

This book is in a journal narrative. I’ve known some that may not like that format - I’m okay with it as long as it’s interesting. For the majority of the book, it is VERY interesting. Kaelyn’s a great narrator. Everything is through her eyes, so you know her thoughts, but you can definitely feel her fears and her concerns. Especially her paranoia. Oh yes, you can feel it. I myself, started getting itchy all over just because the way she describes it gives you the heebie jeebies. (It’s like watching the movie Contagion...and having to wash your hands 6 times and getting nervous when the people around you start to cough).

It’s interesting to note this takes place on a small island, so you’re not going to have a huge societal breakdown where massive amounts of chaos and anarchy come to life. Yes, there is a breakdown in order but nowhere near what you usually come across in books that take place in great metropolitan areas for example. Still, I like the way Kaelyn takes charge. I like how she manages to take care of Meredith despite all the circumstances. I just love her strength. It really resonates throughout the novel as the virus spreads.

The virus itself is scary and well written. It’s enough to get you all paranoid and make you want to whip out the hand sanitizer every few minutes. There were moments of sheer rage in the book, just because some people just acted so stupid (realistic, however, given the circumstances) and I just about screamed for blood about the outcome of a certain character (not going to give it away!).

So after reading all this, I had to ask myself; Where in the WORLD is Drew?!?!?! and the ending just got me impatient for the next one. This is definitely worth a read. YA Readers will gobble this up and enjoy reading it as much as I did!