Neverwinter (Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #21) - R.A. Salvatore
It’s best if you read Gauntlgrym before diving into this one. Lots of events are referenced to the previous book and the story is continuous. Again, this book does not disappoint the typical Drizzt fan. I really like how his character is developing so far. There are moments throughout the book where I too, feel the loss of his previous closest friends but yet these new experiences Dahlia is introducing to him is also welcoming. I really am liking Dahlia as a character. In a sense, it’s nice to read how both her and Drizzt are bringing out these changes within each other as they’re both different in personality and very different on their views and opinions. I also have to admit I also like the romantic tension between them, it was inevitable and although she’s definitely not as fun loving as Cattie-Brie, but there’s something very likable in Dahlia. The way she fights, her sly sneaky ways, and who can not comment about her sultry vampy qualities as well? The plot in this book was well done. There’s a lot of intrigue and backroom planning and plotting. I really enjoyed the story with Barrabus the Gray. I wasn’t expecting that little twist but it was really fun to read! The other story arc, with Sylora Salm was also really good and the ending as usual with R A Salvatore, is fantastic and makes you want to read the next book in the series. The action scenes in this book is the same, but as always, it’s wonderful to read and can be easily pictured. Salvatore’s writing doesn’t change but his characters do - and that’s a great thing. I loved the ending it does leave room for more questions but now it seems Drizzt will be on another adventure to help an ‘old friend’ out. Definitely recommended for Drizzt fans. The plot in this series just keeps getting better and better. Everything is changing, but I think it’s for the better in this series. Let’s hope it never stops!