Crescendo  - Becca Fitzpatrick
You think you enjoyed Hush, Hush ? Crescendo is just as good as the first! there was so much piled into the book and the pace was steady so reading through this book will take hardly any time at all! Things start off a little rocky between Patch and Nora, although the strong tension and chemistry is still there between them. You start wondering what Patch’s problem is, because he starts acting like such a douche. Yet you can’t help but like him because he just seems to be there for Nora when she needs him. But when he starts paying attention to Marcie it almost felt like a slap to the face or a knife to the heart (or both). If these kinds of feelings come out from the reader, then it just shows Becca Fitzpatrick is doing a great job in her writing style! Not to mention, the more Marcie is mentioned, and the things she does just makes you want to seethe and grind your teeth. There’s quite a few revelations about Marcie and there’s another blindside move that I was not expecting. Still, I hate her as much as Nora and Vee do because she’s just so...infuriating (for lack of a better term). Some of the things Marcie does just makes you want to go in and defend Norah (which annoyingly enough, she’s always alone and Patch/Vee are conveniently gone). Sometimes though, I wish Nora could fight back - even though it’s not really her personality to do so. The plot of this book was excellent and the pacing was even. Readers might find Nora a little on the whiny side but the action, and the mystery just make up for all of that. Vee is always an extremely funny BFF to be with and her actions and quotes are just memorable. Nora and her make perfect partners in crime (although may result in disastrous consequences). The ending leaves on a huge cliff hanger, which can only mean, the next book will be even better! I most definitely recommend this book for YA readers. Note, reading Hush, Hush is required and essential to understanding the series.