The Haunted  - Jessica Verday
*** Possible spoilers *** Like The Hollow, this is a pretty chunky book and long. Unlike the first book though, I found the pace of this one to be more faster, perhaps because much more happens in this plot. However, although I am glad the plot is quicker and more interesting, I’m also pleased to see her writing has not changed and is still as good as The Hollow. I love the way the story is written. The town is still quaint and descriptions are still done in nice detail. It’s the writing style that really gets me into reading this book further. What’s another great feature in this book is you get to piece together more about Kristen and the mystery guy she was going out with. There’s also a few additions of characters into the story which adds more mystery into the plot. Vincent stands out the most because not only is he a jerk but he also has a reason why he’s suddenly into the picture. Vincent also delivers a great cliffhanger in the ending which makes me just want to scream for the third book to come out right away! an evil naughty side of me thought Aubra got what she deserved. She’s such a snotty little thing so I had no sympathies for her when she came with the waterworks. The chemistry between Caspian and Abbey is still there but I feel it has intensified into a whole new level. It’s almost like a heart wrenching romance because they’re so nice together, but yet they can’t physically be together and that just adds more drama to the romance - which I absolutely love. Now that Ben is in the picture, it adds the typical love triangle (sort of) but unlike most of them where I find I like one better than the other, I like both Ben and Caspian. Ben of course, would be the better choice, as he’s physically there. I am really looking forward to the final installment of this trilogy. I love the writing style, the great character development and chemistry between the main couple, and with the cliffhanger ending it’s hard not to be impatient! Those that had trouble with The Hollow, keep going! this book is much better and worth the read!