The Reckoning (Darkest Powers, Book 3) - Kelley Armstrong
***possible spoilers*** This was a fantastic conclusion to the series and I wouldn’t know how to end it as good as this. I am glad some of the loose ends have been tied up, however there are still some that are left open. I wonder if there’s going to be more to this (I hope!) The pace is slower than usual, but in return you get great character development Each of these characters had their own issues, and although the bickering still continues, each of them have grown up and matured. What I enjoyed reading was more into Chloe’s gift as a necromancer. There is a lot more to her ‘gift’ and that provided some good interesting reading. What was also interesting was Tori. Although still snarky at times, she’s kept that in check and even manages to help and defend Chloe when needed. I thought she grew up and matured the most. I started liking her a lot more as the trilogy unfolded, at first I used to hate her a lot, now she ended up being much more agreeable and likable. I was so happy with Chloe and Derek! I loved them both together. There was a sense of togetherness and they compliment each other so well. I loved how Chloe was so supportive of Derek and his ‘condition’, and Derek would protect Chloe by any means possible. I think they made a great couple! The story overall was good despite having some loose ends open and close. The writing was still excellent and there were still moments where you had the heebie jeebies. There were quite a few extreme tense moments (especially when you find out who’s on who’s side) and this was great to read, but what I enjoyed the most were the moments with Chloe and Derek. I really loved reading about them together. It was nice seeing these characters develop and grow as the story went along. The ending was really good with a few revelations revealed. Some might say it’s not really an ending as it leaves things to be settled. I still say this was a great ending to this trilogy and I want to know if there’s going to be more to it. Tori has become such a fascinating character all of a sudden that I wish there’s going to be more on these great characters and how they’re going to manage living on. It’s a great series and not one to be missed! I absolutely recommend this for YA Paranomal readers out there!