Gone (Wake) - Lisa McMann
I was sad to see this excellent series go. I really did enjoy reading the first two. This time however, this book focuses more on Janie and the devastating consequences it has to her health (mental and physical). Janie develops a lot here as a character, and it’s really nice to see that she grows to be a very mature and strong woman. The storyline that surrounds Janie and her father was an interesting one, one that actually put me to tears. Yet I’m glad Janie went along with her choice. I rather wished there was more to Janie and her mother although not much really happened between them. They’re still far apart and it looks like no closure was done between the two. I think there could have been more to close that loose end. The characters stayed the same, nothing much to them although I’m glad to see Cabel still ends up as boyfriend of the year in my opinion. I’m also glad to see that most of the loose ends have been tied up nicely without leaving any sort of unanswered questions behind. Fans who are expecting another mystery to be solved will be disappointed, there is no case to solve, but rather, it focuses more on Janie and her relationships and issues. It’s a good closing novel, and only lets the reader wish there was more adventures with Janie and Cabel. However, all good things always have to come to an end. I’ll definitely miss reading about them.