Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1) - Patricia Briggs
I get weary when I try to read something that falls into this type of genre, because I think it’s going to be filled with glorified fluid swapping moments, not much of a plot, with cliched characters that will induce moments of eye rolling from me. Thankfully, I was wrong and I’m glad I’m wrong. It was the total exact opposite of what I thought it was going to be. I liked Mercy’s character a lot. She’s a tough girl, but has a bit of feminine side, but I like that she’s able to take care of herself (in a fight, and in maintaining her life). I liked her job as a mechanic, it’s certainly different and gritty, and her character most certainly goes well with the setting. Her ‘gift’ as a walker was your average fancy term for ‘shapeshifter’ but she turns into a coyote. Which is also different and interesting to see. I really liked how she differs from a lot of the urban fantasy heroines out there. She’s definitely natural and likable. The rest of the characters are also well done. I liked how there’s a little bit of everything supernatural, it’s almost like it’s a subtle hint or taste of the things the reader will encounter as they go through the series. The plot itself was okay. It had its’ lulls here and there and sometimes it got just a little too hard to follow. The world building was also all right - again nothing special but the mood and the tone of the book was well done. The romance is there (some reviews I’ve read said there was not enough of it, I say it’s perfect and it should stay that way) and the chemistry seems to be developing (and might possibly grow as the series continues further). The action and mystery aspect of the book was also well done. The action scenes were well written, and there’s plenty of them to go around. I most definitely recommend this to any urban fantasy reader. Those that dislike the hyper sexualized female roles will like this one, as Mercy is definitely not that! sure the cover can be deceiving but give this a try, it was a great read.