Jane - April Lindner

It helps a bit of you’ve read Jane Eyre. But even if you haven’t, this might peak your curiosity so you can actually get your hands on the original classic and read it! for those that have read Jane Eyre, it’s nice to compare between the two. I personally thought this was a great modern retelling of the original book. You’ll see Lindner does a fantastic job of trying to stay as close to the original as she could, but adding a few bits here and there to make it different (and still readable without destroying the original).

I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for Jayne throughout the book she really does create this aura of helplessness about her and it’s hard not to sympathize with her. Thing is though, I thought she was just a little too bland and boring, and not much of a personality came from her. Nico on the other hand was super intense! I loved his character!!! it was such a great idea to make him a secluded rock star with a not so great past! it was very well done! he’s got all the qualities of a dark brooding rock star you can’t help but swoon over that! however I didn’t care for his pity trip at the end of the book. Meh. Mr Rochester didn’t get that whiny in the original.....

The writing in the book was also really good, the length may be daunting to some, and it may take a bit to read through it but you’ll realize it’s most definitely worth the time to read. The heartbreaking moments are just that - super heartbreaking you can most certainly feel (it’s one of those books that could tear you apart emotionally). Which just goes to show how well written it is.

Most definitely recommended to YA readers, and if you haven’t picked up the original classic Jane Eyre yet, do so! so you’ll know at least where this brilliant retelling came from :)